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"Jessica and Jen are the go to agents in SF"

Jessica and Jen are the go to agents in SF. These ladies make are the "pros". I highly recommend them for any residential, investment or commercial property in SF. Thank you ladies for going the extra step to sell our Valley Street property.

- Gayle L.

"We have used Jessica for both buying and selling in San Francisco"

We have used Jessica for both buying and selling in San Francisco. In both cases, the professionalism, attention to detail, wit, humour and tenacity to get the best possible deal shown by Jessica was second to none. Real Estate agents don't come better in guiding you through what can be a stressful process - we are truly confident in recommending Jessica to represent you faithfully and honestly in your real estate buying and selling in San Francisco.

- John M.

"We worked with Jessica and had the pleasure of meeting Jen"

We worked with Jessica and had the pleasure of meeting Jen. Jessica was an experience that we didn't expect...Our Amiga! Her dedication to our details of what we wanted and our situation felt like she was buying for herself. The hubby is very particular and Jess was able to disarm him and make him feel comfortable knowing that we picked a true gem....this confirmed my many reasons I knew Jess would get us our home...we faced the challenge of not being able to buy in San Francisco but Jess came through and found us our home in Daly City. It was incredible to witness the knowledge and dedication of how Jess kept us informed daily to keep us excited and hopeful that it was going to happen for us. Thanks Amiga!

- Jennifer M.

"If you’re selling your house in San Francisco"

If you're selling your house in San Francisco, you won't find better agents to help than Jen and Jessica. They gave us white glove treatment and left no stone unturned when it came to doing all the right things to sell our house. We set an aggressive goal for getting the price we wanted for our Bernal home, and Jen and Jessica made all the right moves for us to meet our goal! They're professional, down to earth, and a general joy to work with. The best part is they made the entire process as stress-free as could be, managing all the details, logistics, contractors, name it, they did it! I'm not sure how we would have managed the sale and moving to a new city without them. If you're looking for a powerhouse duo to help you, look no further!

- Roger V.

"How do I even begin to say how great Jess and Jen are"

How do I even begin to say how great Jess and Jen are and how easy they made the process of preparing our SF home for sale, not to mention the sale itself? We had a big job ahead of us preparing our 2100 sq ft SF condo for sale and we wanted to get the maximum we could (of course) for the sale itself. To start I will say that right from the first meeting my husband and I were impressed with Jessica and Jen's professionalism mixed with instant likability. They were hand's down the most prepared upon our first meeting out of three real estate agents/agencies we interviewed, were super easy to talk to and made us instantly at ease that they could handle helping us with all that we would need to do to get the price we wanted for our home. They reassured us that they would help us in every way with everything we needed to do...and they did!! To say Jessica was up to the task of being our project manager is a huge understatement, and Jen's ability to manage all the back office and web presence aspects for selling our home was like nothing we've ever experienced before. Jessica converted our hippie, boho, rock-n-roll condo into a beautiful, sleek, modern instantly marketable "blank slate" for the prospective buyers. Jen created a slick, easy to navigate web site for our sale that impressed everyone who viewed it. All documents were managed easily through Docusign enabling us to work on what was needed even if we weren't in town. I'll leave off saying that we can't recommend Jess and Jen enough if you are looking for a professional, super on top of it team to help you navigate and manage the sale of your home. They truly know their market, neighborhoods and what buyers want and need. If I could give them 10 stars I would!

- Artina M.

"Starting the process to buy a place in SF right now is daunting"

Starting the process to buy a place in SF right now is daunting. We honestly were thinking it was just not even possible. Jessica not only proved us wrong, but got us a dream home. Start to finish, the time Jessica spent with us navigating the buying process was incredible. She didn't just help us find a house. She educated us on how to look, where to look, how to remodel. She taught us what we can change in a home and how to change it. Once we landed our home she continued to guide us through renovations, put us in touch with contractors, and helped managed the renovation work! Jess has just blown my wife and I away in terms of how she's worked with us over the whole process. There is no way we would have landed in our home without her. Period. White glove doesn't even begin to describe the level of service. I don't think there's any part of the whole real estate process she's not an expert in (including therapist!). In the end we not only have an incredible realtor, we feel like we have a friend.

- Andy A

"Working with Jen and Jess was wonderful."

Working with Jen and Jess was wonderful. We met with Jen at the very beginning of our home buying process. She gave us the lay of the land, and was able to connect us with the right people to get our home search going. After seeing a few homes with Jen, it was clear that she wanted to find the right home for us, not just make a sale. For every home we looked at, Jen showed us what to look for, and was able to give ideas around what we could do with the space. Our process moved very quickly, but Jen was there to carefully explain every step and make us feel very comfortable. After the seller accepted our offer, both Jen and Jess were on top of everything. We never felt like we had unanswered questions or didn't know what was going on. They checked in at exactly the right moments and made what could have been a very stressful experience feel easy; there are so many small things along the way that Jen and Jess do exactly right. If you're looking for a great experience, work with Jen and Jess!

- Valerie E.

"Jess and Jen are a dynamic duo"

Jess and Jen are a dynamic duo. We are first-time homebuyers all because of them! Buying a home seemed impossible in SF but once we started working with Jen and Jess, the whole process was broken down and easy to understand. When looking for houses, Jen would point out problems with the house and what to look for that might be an issue later. We really appreciated learning about home maintenance! What makes them really incredible is that once the home is yours, Jen and Jess are still there to help. They have connections to contractors and know everything about fixing up/remodeling your home. If you have kids, they'll even help you through the SF public schools process! We had an issue with our home warranty and they were able to get us a refund on a service we already paid for. Honestly, if any issues come up, the first thing we say is, "let's ask Jen and Jess"!

- Nina M.

"Selling a house can be stressful"

Selling a house can be stressful, but not when you engage Jess & Jen, the power team! I cannot image a better experience than what I experienced. From the first presentation of how they would list and market the house, until the signing over of title, these two managed THE ENTIRE PROCESS in an organized, professional and caring way. I was in the last stages of a divorce, and they navigated this beautifully with excellent communication - what could have been a stressful situation was handled with care for both parties. Most importantly - their pricing strategy evolved with the market and we were able to sell at far over my expectations! I wholeheartedly recommend them to any seller or buyer looking for the height of professionalism and care in real estate transactions.

- Jessica B.