Where do we even start — my husband and I have been putting off a very overdue review of Jess and Jen for a rather unusual reason: there are just too many wonderful things to say about this team, and we weren’t sure how we could do them the right justice, especially when neither of us are the most eloquent!

Alas, we’ll do our very best.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jess at an open house for a home she was a listing agent for.  We actually had recently started working with another realtor but our gut had told us they weren’t a great fit, and we are so thankful we 1) trusted our gut, but 2) swooped in and asked Jess if she would be willing to work with us.  We knew really nothing about Jess but were ready to hire her on the spot as you could just tell that she wasn’t the type of person to only have transactional relationships, but truly cared and understood the home buying process from beginning to end, and also applied that same careful, heartfelt understanding to the people she works with.  

When she sat down and had an incredibly informative and educational consultation with us shortly after we first met, it really was a no brainer.

Not an atypical story, maybe, but my husband and I were complete novices on how to buy a home, let alone in such a lunatic market as SF, and we were also eager to buy a home, soon.  And thank goodness for Jess, because Jess really approached this as a training bootcamp for us.  She pointed out what to look for in a house, what is a nice to have vs a necessity, how easy/challenging it is to change something about a house.  When we (quickly) found the house we were ready to commit to, Jess made sure to go over all the details on what is the right offer, how to package it, etc.  She made endless stressful decisions and details so much less intimidating, as you truly felt like you had an expert, holding your hand, the whole way.

Once the ink was on paper, we thought that would be it, but Jess continued to work with us to make sure we were happy with our new home. She connected us with trusted contractors that she’s worked with before, as she knew there were a number of things about our new home we were looking to change. Beyond that, she helped us out with so many little things that we never even thought about as new homeowners, down to informing us when our trash pickup day was, sending us a reminder for our property taxes, etc.

When the whole process was completely over, I felt of course relieved, celebratory, but also a little SAD, which is the strangest thing, but just goes to show how amazing it is to work with Jess and Jen, to feel sad about one of the most stressful experiences of your life to finally be over.  Over the course of not very much time, I had really felt that human connection and it was nice feeling taken care of, haha.  Felt like we had been in a cocoon of their strength, care, and expertise.

It’s worth mentioning that while Jess was our agent, she works alongside Jen, her business partner, which was incredibly helpful as they could fill in for each other when there was a scheduling conflict and the like.  Working with a duo/team who clearly works well together and is so supportive of each other was a nice surprise.  While we didn’t work with Jen much, when we did, it was a great experience and we felt that she was very much familiar with our situation which was unique to us (but surely rather typical).  We also exchanged a few emails with their assistant Alexandra, who was nice, prompt, and articulate, shout out to her as well!

Buying a home for the first time, especially in San Francisco, can be daunting and scary. Jess and Jen were able to walk us through this incredibly difficult situation and make it almost seem easy. We can’t recommend working with them enough.

Susan Y.
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